It might seem strange to create a blog about a platform I detest; I spend enough time with WordPress in my day job, committing my spare time to it could be considered masochistic. Indeed, I’d rather be using Ghost.

However, my time with WordPress has forced me to go burrowing through the source code to solve less common problems. I’m hoping I can offer something that might save someone else some time and hair-loss. Also, I thought it might be somewhat cathartic to experiment with different ways of making WordPress less of a bitch to work with. In some cases it means using WordPress features in a smarter way, in others, it means by-passing the WordPress way completely. I prefer the latter. It feels like a chance at a fresh start. In reality, though, it’s just an opportunity to hack. And who doesn’t love a good bit of hacking? I can’t promise that what you’ll see here will be pretty, but it’ll probably be interesting, and might even be useful. Especially if you’re developing on Wordpress.