Prickly Dev

Work it.

It was bound to happen eventually...

Moving from one bloated CMS to another, I finally decided to walk away from it. I wanted to relieve myself of the stress. I grew weary of constantly battling the tools that had been created with (what I hope was) the intention of making things easier. It's common for projects to mutate over time, though, growing from purring kittens into wild, monolithic beasts. But the last one... That was the worst.

So, now, I'm trying something new: I'm building a lightweight CMS from scratch. Not only that, but I'm going to do something I've not done before with a personal project: I'm going to let you see the work-in-progress. In fact, that's why this site looks as it does right now. I've been focusing on creating the admin area of the CMS. Now, I've got it to a point where I can actually use it to create content and publish it. But because my focus has been on the admin area, I've not yet spent much time on the public site layout. Hence, this.

But, it's OK, though. Because, back when this site was still Death by Wordpress, it was my intention to start with a fairly blank canvas and build it out publicly. A year and a half later, I'm finally doing that. But it's no longer in Wordpress. It's in Gin.